Flat Pillow with Kapok Fiber 35 x 40 cm



  • Material: 100% certified organic cotton
  • Filling: 100% Kapok fiber
  • Size: 35 x 40 cm
  • Free of chemicals or pesticides (throughout the entire manufacturing process)
  • Vegan natural fiber from kapok trees from the tropical rain forest
  • Temperature-regulating, breathable and moisture-transporting
  • Anti-allergenic properties Thanks to a natural bittering agent that makes the fiber resistant to bacteria and dust mites
  • The cover is tightly woven so that no dust mites can penetrate
  • The kapok is surrounded by a layer of wax which makes the fiber water-repellent. The kapok product therefore does not need to be washed to kill mites and bacteria
  • Model: Kapok Baby
  • Care instructions: Air the blanket regularly. Wash at 40 to max. 60 degrees. Do not soak. Use dryer balls when putting the product in the dryer (no tennis balls). Do not use fabric softener
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