Cot Bumper “Sensory Lounger Slate”


“Anyone who has tried a Snuggle Me baby nest for babies will not want anything else. The baby nest is made of great materials and has an ingenious design that gives your baby a wonderful feeling of security and calms it. An absolute must have! ”

The “Sensory Lounger Slate” baby nest by Snuggle Me is designed in such a way that it hugs the baby’s back and gives him a secure and hugging feeling. This feeling of hugging is effective and calming for your baby. You can use the baby nest without a cover or with a cover. A cover is recommended to protect the nest, this reduces wear and tear and the nest stays clean and does not have to be washed as often.


  • Material: 100% certified organic cotton
  • Filling: polyester fiber filling, hypoallergenic
  • Size: approx. 73 x 43 x 10 cm
  • Color: Slate
  • Model: Sensory Lounger
  • The Snuggle-Me baby nest adapts to the baby’s head and torso. When the baby is still small, it fits completely into the nest. If it gets bigger, the legs go over the end of the bed, the size can then be adjusted comfortably Age recommendation: For babies up to 9 months who cannot crawl yet
  • Care instructions: Wash with cold water and mild detergent if necessary. Drying in the dryer only at a low temperature, but best left to air dry. The nest must be completely dry before it can be used again. A cover is recommended to protect the nest
  • Proper Use: The Snuggle Me is a huge support tool for parents and provides an extra set of arms during the day when parents need to lay their baby down. Our customers call our loungers their saving grace and this is so true! It is important to be in the same room and supervising your baby when using the Snuggle Me. During the night, use safe crib practices and DO NOT USE your lounger as a sleeping device. See our full safety statement here.
  • Baby Lounger Warnings:
    Never leave baby unsupervised
    Never use in a crib or other sleep device
    Never place on soft or uneven surfaces
    Baby loungers should not be used as co sleeping devices due to the padded sides
    The safest place for a baby to sleep overnight is in a crib with a fitted sheet
    SAFETY IS #1 As inventors of the original baby lounger, we are the leader in their category for safety. As recommended by the AAP, NEVER use any baby lounger as a sleep device. NEVER use any baby lounger unsupervised. Designed for babies 0-9 months, use the Snuggle Me® Lounger to actively engage with your baby during supervised lounging, tummy time or sitting support.
  • Country of manufacture: USA

Snuggle Me Organic is an American brand that produces high quality and innovative baby nests. The baby nests from Snuggle Me Organic are made from organic cotton with a sheep’s wool filling as well as from conventional cotton with untreated polyester fibers, all of which are pollutant-free, without flame retardants and from regional production. The baby nest from Snuggle Me Organic literally hugs the baby and gives him an absolute feeling of security. Currently one of the most popular baby nests on the market.

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